Greek Deli and Catering in Washington, D.C.

Kostas Fostieris’ love of food and family were born early, in Sineti, a small village in Andros, Greece, where he grew up watching his mother cook for a family of seven. Kostas was born into a family with modest means and left Sineti at age 17 to go to Piraeus to attend engineering school. After graduating, Kostas joined the Merchant Marines where he worked and served in the Greek Navy for six years. After meeting his future wife, Kostas left Greece and came to the United States in 1975. It wasn’t long before his interest in cooking blossomed. Kostas worked his way up in the kitchens of some of the most renown restaurants in the Washington, DC, area prior to his opening the Greek Deli in 1990.

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19th Street Northwest 1120
Washington DC 20036 DC US
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